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Help us get there

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Keep it flowing

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Breath of fresh air

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Worth it!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Let’s think about it

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

We’ll get there!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Printing soon!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

You can do it!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

More like it

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Do your bit

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Up and running?

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund


Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Fighting fund

Do your best: Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly worker fighting fund

Fighting fund

Small matter - Robbie Rix reports on the weekly worker fighting fund:

Fighting fund

Lost time - Robbie Rix reports:

More than anything

Four days to go


The way forward

In the kitty

Through the barrier

The big catch-up

Correct course

Keep it coming!


What we are doing


On track

Through the barrier

£196 needed

Do your bit


Brexit Day deadline

Record week

Help us out

High note

Final issue

One more issue

Make amends

First things first

Every penny


No bones

Lagging behind



Back on track

Kind words

Back in three weeks

Make my day

Over the line

Human error


More than refreshing

Gallant attempts

Over the line?

Up to you

Here’s hoping

Warm feeling

Ease my worries

Not complacent

Not too late

Good news

Meeting the new target

Increased target


Can’t be beaten


What I call debate

Now’s the time


Near miss

£61 still needed

Back on target

Rigorous debate

As we mean to continue

Cash-stuffed envelopes works for us...

Have a good break

Robbie signs off for this year

See us home

Your paper needs you, says Robbie Rix

High note

Will you keep smashing that target, readers?

Another success

Robbie is satisfied with your efforts... for now

End with a bang

A reader across the ocean helps keep the momentum going

Do what you can

Printer costs

Time to set a new target, if you lot keep this up...

All not rosy

Technically it's magenta... never mind

Easing worries

Fighting Fund: nothing for granted

Robbie Rix thanks readers for their generosity, and looks to raise the stakes


Keep it coming people

A good job

We do our best, you know...

Saw the light

Now why not spread it around?


Has the quiet man had a change of heart?


Look out- Robbie Rix is about

Don't be shy

Give the Summer Offensive a fighting start, says Robbie Rix


Robbie Rix gives a shout out to donors big and small

Not fooling around

Hitting the target is no longer enough for Robbie Rix

Touching distance

Go on comrade, make Robbie’s month


Robbie Rix is always looking upwards


Robbie Rix can't help being a worrier



Spot on

Slow Second Week

Ask around to help us hit the target, recommends Robbie Rix

Quick results

Robbie Rix welcomes a target hit


No complacency

Robbie Rix discusses eaders views on the new website


A crucial time, says Robbie Rix

Keep it up

Even better

Robbie Rix congratulates


Welcome back

Robbie Rix wants to move up a gear or two

Much appreciated

Get clicking

A short month to make up a small deficit, so get on it says Robbie Rix

High note

Let's end January on target, says Robboe Rix

Small windfall

For a fantastic 2018!

Last paper until January 11

Robbie Rix will see you again in the New Year

Round figure

Robbie Rix celebrates rounding up

Not a clue

After a good November, Robbie Rix welcomes December

Showing they care

Robbie Rix wants to know

Records falling

Robbie Rix congratulates our readers, and thanks one in particular


Robbie Rix is glad someone is

Of course we can!


The October target was exceeded, says Robbie Rix, now for November too

Touching distance

Robbie Rix wants to see that target smashed

Striking distance

You can do it, says Robbie Rix

Twice the price

Robbie Rix celebrates some especially giving readers

Not complaining

Ups and downs

Robbie Rix looks at the past month

Up our sights

Aim just a little higher, and our target will be hit, says Robbie Rix


Weekly Worker supporters are celebrating the Russian Revolution's centenary in various way, says Robbie Rix, why not join them by handing over some cash?

With your help

Robbie Rix reports back

Made it!


Robbie Rix feels sure that this month's target will be hit

Help needed

Robbie Rix hopes to see increased eyeballs turning into increased donations

Strange publicity

Robbie Rix welcomes a bump in readership, but wants a bump in donations


Robbie Rix celebrates success

Best on the left

Robbie Rix welcomes some big hitters and takes some praise

Not complaining

Give Robbie Rix an extra reason to be happy next week

Free expression

Robbie Rix looks for acceleration

Good start

Robbie Rix is optimistic that the target will be hit this month

Louder than words

Money talks and supports, says Robbie Rix

Taking us for granted?

It's hands in pockets time, says Robbie Rix

Good cause

Firm footing

Keep up the good work so that Robbie Rix won't have to worry about next month either

Most serious

Robbie Rix is seriously happy about an influx of donations

At the races

Robbie Rix welcomes a bumper week

Spot on

The Paypal button is spot on for making donations, says Robbie Rix

Just as good!

Money from marches, subs, or donations: Robbi Rix says it is all just as good

Month to remember

Worth chipping in for

Extra boost urgently needed

Robbie Rix needs you to make the shortest month a big success

Chipping in

Great effort

Robbie Rix wants the shortest month of the year to pay dividends, so help out

Not faltering

Robbie Rix thanks the readers who gave our fund some momentum

Foot down

Robbie Rix wants you to take the wheel and step on the gas

With a flourish

Robbie Rix was pleased to see extra cash in the Christmas stocking, but the Weekly Worker needs that every month

Think and rethink

Gifts of gold are still what we need this Christmas, says Robbie Rix

We need your help

Robbie Rix makes the call

Back in the black

At last, Robbie Rix feels buoyed up on a sea of solidarity

Early Christmas?

Robbie Rix is hoping for some early presents under the Weekly Worker tree

£557 still needed

Robbie Rix will be only too pleased to hear the solidarity rolling in

The world of good

With two weeks to go, it's time to get that cash coming in says Robbie Rix


No donation is too small... or too big, emphasises Robbie Rix

Close shave

Last months target was hit...just, Robbie Rix says thank you

Not misplaced

Moved to action

Robbie Rix senses a shift in the right direction, so keep going!

Big ask

Robbie Rix is confident of a big answer

Fancy helping?

Be a hero, suggests Robbie Rix

Needed in two days

Be quick to donate, says Robbie Rix

Best on the left

Robbie Rix celebrates progress towards our target

Second to none

It's hands in pockets time, says Robbie Rix

‘Modest tax’

Robbie Rix celebrates a flying start

Back to normal?

Robbie Rix has high hopes that we can keep on a roll

Watch this space

Will the next week be as good as the last? Robbie Rix is optimistic

Play your part

Help Robbie Rix accelerate


Help refresh the funds, recommends Robbie Rix

Vital reading

Also vital to donate, says Robbie Rix

£515 in five days

Robbie Rix needs to make some gains


Don't be afraid to prove it with hard cash, says Robbie Rix


The last couple of weeks have seen a sharp rise in the number of online readers of the Weekly Worker...

We approve

Let's keep things this way, for Robbie Rix's sake

Another target

Robbie Rix aims to hit it

Two boosts

Robbie Rix is pleased this week, but still reminds you that the paypal button is not merely decorative

Ups and downs

The last week has had them, says Robbie Rix

Good news

Robbie Rix likes good news

Grandstand finish

Help us get there, says Robbie Rix

Real debate

We're striding towards our March target, says Robbie Rix

Notable success

Robbie Rix is becalmed...for now.

Ever welcoming

We didn't quite make it says Robbie Rix

£399 needed in three days

Robbie Rix is starting to panic

Here’s to 2016

Robbie Rix wonders what Santa will bring this year

Storming finish

Not quite over the line, but a good effort says Robbie Rix

Big spurt

We need to sprint over the line, says Robbie Rix

Time and work

What a way to make a paper...

Remember 19.17!

Robbie Rix never forgets

Hungry for ideas

The masses are ready, says Robbie Rix

Extra something

Every little helps, says Robbie Rix

Feel free

Robbie Rix returns

Keep them coming

Robbie Rix will be gone but not forgotten

Three in a row?

Robbie Rix really wants that hat trick

Finish the job

Robbie Rix hates an anticlimax


Robbie Rix just can't take any compliments


And when Robbie Rix has worries...

Success at last!

Robbie Rix will show you what party means

£274 in two days

Robbie Rix is just overwhelmed.

May Day success?

Hope springs eternal for Robbie Rix.

Not complaining

But Robbie Rix isn't popping the Babycham open yet either

Prove me wrong

Robbie Rix needs to know you're serious

Keeping pace

Your love is not enough, says Robbie Rix


Robbie Rix isn't getting all heavy on you, but he'd like some commitment


Robbie Rix believes in you dear readers


We don't need any explanation for giving us your money, says Robbie Rix

Make it a first

The first time is always the best according to Robbie Rix

Stamp of approval

Stamps collectors! Unite and support your favourite paper, says Robbie Rix

Make it regular

We're getting very behind, and Robbie Rix doesn't like it one bit

If your phone rings

be ready to send all your spare cash to Robbie Rix

Up the pace

You're getting better, but Robbie Rix is a hard man to keep happy

Every little

We have a shortfall, says Robbie Rix

Can you help?

Robbie Rix says we need more standing orders to meet our target regularly

What we expect

Robbie Rix always appreciates compliments from the readers

Here’s hoping

We nearly made our new target says Robbie Rix

Christmas and 16 pages

Merry Christmas from Robbie Rix

No guarantees

Robbie Rix has a touching faith in you, dear readers

New, improved

Now in Technicolor, 3D and 4K-ready... well, maybe not the last two

£312 in three days

Robbie Rix was doing crowdfunding before it became fashionable

Looks good!

Beauty is more than skin deep. But it helps, says Robbie Rix

Striking a chord

It's not just the size of your readership that counts...

Plan B

Robbie Rix is perturbed at the precision demanded by the Post Office

Going colour

The print edition of the WW remains a powerful organ. And - with the continued support of our readers - full-colour, high-definition frontpages will be here to stay

The goods

Robbie Rix is making an offer you can't refuse


Would the Weekly Worker by any other name still smell as sweet?


The WW webteam are doing the best they can here, but Robbie Rix is a hard man to please

Smashed through!

Our reader's generosity has got Robbie Rix purring this week...

It's a deal

We'd probably do it just for the love, but don't tell Robbie Rix

Good work

Prefer a dead tree version of the Weekly Worker to pore over? Or a fumble on your fondleslab? They both cost money, as Robbie Rix likes to remind us...

Glad to be back

Robbie Rix, aka 'the Scarlet Pimpernel' is back to report on your favourite paper's finances

Over the line?

Robbie Rix scents victory for this month's Fighting Fund

Extra quid

Robbie Rix is a firm believer that every little helps

Arms twisted

Whether a load of sweaty blokes in Brazil appeals or not, Robbie Rix needs your help

Swings and roundabouts

Robbie Rix could do with cheering up

Bookmark us

Robbie Rix isn't counting properly, that's all


Robbie Rix is cracking open the bubbly