Through barrier

More good news, comrades. Thanks to a very welcome £574 donated to the Weekly Worker fighting fund in the last six days of the month, we got past our £2,250 target for October to reach £2,331.

It does have to be said though that the main reason for this is the absolutely fantastic contribution of no less than £300 from comrade AS. A long-time Weekly Worker supporter and former CPGB member, he thought it was about time he chipped in and so made a bank transfer for that amount without even contacting us to let us know. There’s modesty for you!

But, of course, AS wasn’t the only one. Other bank transfers/standing orders came from LM (£80), GT (£35), JT (£25), OG (£16), VP and MD (£10 each), DD (£8) and AR (£5) - AR also paid the same amount by PayPal, as he does each month. Other PayPal donations came from DB (£50) and JC (£10), while comrade Hassan contributed a handy £20 note.

So we not only exceeded our target by £81, but, as previously reported, that amount was equalled by comrade BK, as he had promised, once we let him know we had broken through the barrier. In other words, the final total for October shot up to £2,412 - an excess that has helped eat into the deficit that had built up earlier in the year.

Can we keep it up in November? Well the first day of the month saw £126 come our way in the shape of 11 standing orders - thanks to BK (yes, the same comrade - £20), BG and MT (£15), TM (£13), MM (£11), CP, YM, DI and AN (a tenner) and finally DC and JS (£6 each). So now we have another 29 days to break through that £2,250 barrier once more - and earn us another top-up from comrade BK!

That’s how to ensure the Weekly Worker continues its essential role of working continually for the principled Marxist party that we need so much. Please help us out if you can.