Justified confidence

The highlight of this week’s fighting fund is the fantastic donation of no less than £130 from Australian comrade MS. He writes: “Been remiss of me not to have been subscribing. So I’ve just subscribed. But you don’t need to send me the paper - I’ll read it online”!

In other words, it’s not a subscription at all, but an annual donation - paid at the same rate as a sub costs if you’re down under! Either way, thanks very much, comrade - your contribution is very much appreciated.

Other PayPal donations this week have come from TSW (£20) and MH (£10), while in addition 11 comrades contributed to our fund by bank transfer/standing order - thanks go to AC (£60), BO (£35), SC (£30), NR, GD and DV (£25 each), RG and AM (£15), plus SM, NH and LG (a tenner each).

All that comes to £420, taking our running total for November up to £546, with, as I write, just eight days gone. Our target each month is actually £2,250, so we’re ever so slightly behind the going rate, but I’m confident we can get there again.

But please help justify my confidence by doing your bit - send us a cheque, click on the PayPal button on our website or (best of all, because it’s cost-free) make a bank transfer.

We can do it!