Great effort

Robbie Rix wants the shortest month of the year to pay dividends, so help out

Despite a great effort by lots of our supporters, we didn’t get off to a good start in the first fighting fund of 2017. As regular readers will know, we need £1,750 each and every month, over and above what we receive in subscriptions, but the January fund finished on only £1,536.

An extra £330 came in over the last seven days - including a generous £75 cheque from comrade RG, another for £50 from comrade BT, and an extra £20 added to RD’s subscription. There were seven standing orders, including a new one from OP, who, despite “studying hard for his GCSEs”, still has time to read the Weekly Worker. Finally, there were three PayPal donations, with pride of place going to TS for her £25. She was among 3,126 people who read us online last week, by the way.

Mind you, after just one day of February, £102 has already landed in the Weekly Worker bank account, thanks to 11 standing orders that come through on the first of each month, ranging from £5 to £20. But the really big hitters come in later in the month, so that’s just the beginning.

Well, let’s hope it is anyway! Seriously though, we could really do with a total that sees us crashing through that £1,750 barrier this month - even though it’s the shortest one of the year! Four more weeks to get there, comrades!