You can do it!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

With two days remaining before the end of our July fighting fund, we still need £351 to make that £2,000 monthly target.

So far this year we have been doing very well indeed - we’ve reached that £2K milestone every month except one. But, unless a few comrades do the necessary in very short order, things don’t look so good for July.

This week we received three £50 donations - two standing orders from JT and GT, plus DB’s regular PayPal transfer. Another who clicked on that button on our website was AR, whose usual £5 was added to his equally usual £10 standing order (I think he only makes two separate payments so he gets a mention every month in this column!).

Other standing orders came from SS and GT (£15 each), as well as from JM (£10). All that amounted to £215 that came our way this week, taking the running total up to £1,647. Well, that £351 we need is a bit of a tall order in just two days, but I suppose that makes a change from a standing order! (You never know - if I make a bad joke, someone might think it’s funny and reward me with a nice donation!)

Leaving all that aside, it would be very handy if we actually got there again in July. I know our expenses are reduced while we’re not printing (expect an update on that in the very near future), but we still need to upgrade that office equipment of ours.

Anyone fancy helping us get there? To ensure we reach that £2,000 target in time, you need to make your contribution either by PayPal or by bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310).

Please help us out if you can.

Robbie Rix