Back on track

A magnificent £200 cheque from RL provided a much-needed boost to the Weekly Worker fighting fund this week. Modest as ever, the comrade did not write an accompanying note, but his donation said it all!

That one cheque helped enormously to put us right back on target to reach the £2,000 we need every month. It accounted for a large part of the £626 that came our way this week, almost doubling the running total for September and taking it up to £1,261.

Mind you, hot on the heels of RL was comrade KB, who donated the unusual sum of £165.65p! Unfortunately KB has had to reduce his regular contributions owing to changed financial circumstances, but that amount isn’t too bad at all, is it?

We received a number of standing orders - including £75 from MM, £50 from TB and £40 from TR. Thanks also to BK (£20), SN (£10) and SP (£5). And there was another £50 from GB - one of several recent donations, but I’m not sure whether he will keep that up on a monthly basis. Finally thanks go to comrades PM (£25) and DB (£7) for their regular PayPal donations and to ‘Hassan’ for his £10 note.

All in all, I can say with a good deal of confidence that the September fighting fund is now right back on track. But reaching that £2,000 target is by no means certain. If anyone wants to follow in RL’s footsteps, they’ll be more than welcome! 

Robbie Rix