Make it a first

The first time is always the best according to Robbie Rix

Following a remarkable three days, we ended February just short of our £1,750 fighting fund target by the narrowest of margins.

Writing from the US, comrade AP added no less than £100 to his resubscription and commented: “Still the best paper on the left.” For her part, comrade PB sent us two cheques, including a total donation of £90, while three standing order contributions (thank you, JT, DS and SS) gave us a further £120, and a PayPal gift from NW added £40. All that came to £350 and took our total for the month to £1,705! A fantastic last 10 days had left us just £45 short.

And our March fund has got off to a good start, with the first post of the month containing a £70 cheque from JH, who writes: “I only wish I could give more. This week’s cover art is worth that alone!” There were also PayPal donations from JS (£40 added to his subscription), JS (£20) and MD (£10), while standing orders from no fewer than 20 comrades (it’s the start of the month, after all!) added up to £379. So, after just four days, our March fund stands at £519.

Amongst those 20, by the way, are four comrades who have either taken out a new standing order or increased their existing one (by amounts ranging from £1 to £40!). Thanks go to MS, DC, ST and TB. But we now need to step up our SO campaign, so we get the full amount we need every month. Can’t we make March a first in that regard?

And all you web readers can join in too - there were 3,807 of you last week. That PayPal button is so easy to use!

Robbie Rix