Thanks to some outstanding donations received in the last five days of September, I’m pleased to report that once more the Weekly Worker had achieved its £2,000 monthly target.

Not with a great deal to spare, mind you - the final total was £2,011, thanks to the £270 that came our way at the very end of the month. £70 of that came from comrade JC, who made two separate bank payments (£50 and £20), while another outstanding donor was comrade JM, who doubled the annual subscription charge by writing a cheque for £120 - in other words, £60 for the fighting fund.

Just behind those two was comrade JT, who paid his usual standing order of £50 and, on top of that, there were five other SOs (for either £10 or £15) from comrades SS, GT, VP, RL and MW. Then there was AR’s usual monthly double act - a £10 standing order, plus £5 via PayPal. Finally South African comrade TB handed our editor a tenner at the end of his visit to London.

Well, an extra £11 in the pot is nothing to complain about, and we hope to do even better in October. The first two days brought in the usual flurry of standing orders - 13 of them, ranging from £6 to £20 (thank you, PG and II for the higher amount). Those SOs totalled £142 and that’s what we start the month with, so I’m confident that the remaining 29 days of October will see us repeat September’s success.

But I’m taking nothing for granted. We need readers to help us get there - write us a cheque, click on the PayPal button or - best of all - make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310). Please do what you can l

Robbie Rix