Have a good break

Robbie signs off for this year

As this is the last issue of the Weekly Worker before our two-week Christmas break, I’m afraid readers will have to wait until the second week of January to find out whether we succeeded in reaching our £1,750 target in the final fighting fund of the year.

As things stand at present, we have £1,154 and normally I’d be confident that, with a week and a half still to go, our supporters would raise the extra £600 we still need. But with the interruption to mail and many comrades being distracted by other matters at this time of the year, I’m a little more wary than usual.

But with comrades like ET, who wrote, “Never stop your fabulous work” in the note accompanying his £10 cheque this week, maybe I should be more optimistic. After all, the six standing orders that came our way totalled £460 - thanks go to SP, BK, TR, MM, KB and TB. Then there was the £20 extra that BW added to his subscription cheque, not to mention the £25 donated by FZ via PayPal.

That last method is perhaps something that others ought to adopt during the coming week of disruption to the postal service or - better still (as it doesn’t involve fees) - have you thought of making a bank transfer? Our account number is 00744310 and our sort code is 30-99-64, if you fancy trying it out.

Anyway, everyone here at the Weekly Worker hopes all our readers and supporters have a good Christmas and are looking forward to a productive 2019. See you again on January 10!

Robbie Rix