More is needed

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Readers will be aware that our printers face steeply rising costs - for paper and inks in particular. After negotiations we have agreed a deal. But that means that while we shall not be increasing the cover price of the paper, we must up the target for our monthly fighting fund. Instead of £2,000, we shall from next month be aiming for £2,250 (till further notice).

We are assigning comrades to contact supporters and subscribers to ask them to increase their standing order … that or, if they haven’t already got one, to press the ‘go ahead’ button to take one out. We have to reach this total each and every month from now on … and not only to meet rising printing costs.

Even if you’re an e-reader please do your bit. The hard copy is politically vital … as a symbol of organisational intent and seriousness.

Meanwhile, October’s £2,000 target currently stands at £1,789 - meaning that we still need another £211 with just three days to go. This follows the total of £324 that came our way over the last week, amongst which one donation in particular stands out: the £100 bank transfer from GB. Brilliant, comrade - thanks very much!

Another bank transfer (£45) came from Irish comrade AM, which follows her donation for twice that amount the previous week. Then there were standing orders from JT (£50), DG (£20), GT (£15), JM (£10) and OG (£9), plus a lovely £50 via PayPal from regular donor DB.

Finally two comrades handed a banknote to one of our comrades. First there was Hassan, who chipped in with his usual fiver, and then there was TB - a South African militant currently visiting London, who personally handed a £20 note to our editor. Yes, it’s not just in Britain that the Weekly Worker is so much appreciated - thanks very much to one and all!

Anyway, as I’ve said, we still need just over £200 in only three days. But recent months have shown that we can do it - with your help! Please click on that PayPal button or make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310). We need to meet the target each and every month.

Robbie Rix