Robbie Rix can't help being a worrier

Another productive week for our May fighting fund. Thanks first of all to comrade TT, who added £40 to his subscription cheque, making it a nice round £100. GL (£25) and NR (£10) also sent in cheques.

Then there were nine standing orders - thank you, AC, HN and CG (£30), GD (£25), DV and BL (£20), NR (£18), SWS (£15) and SM (£10). Finally CT (£20) and PM (£15) clicked on our very much under-used PayPal button, helping to take our total for the week to £308. That means that our May fighting fund stands at exactly £500 towards our £1,750 target.

That’s not bad after just nine days (as I write), which means we need another £1,250 in three weeks - well within reach. But I’m not counting my chickens - as GL wrote in the letter accompanying her donation, “I thought I’d get in early near the start of the month, knowing how much you worry!”

I suppose it’s my job! But so far this year I’ve not had too much to worry about, with readers and supporters queuing up to show their appreciation for, amongst other things, our coverage of Labour’s ‘anti-Semitism’ smear campaign. Care to join them?