Cause for celebration

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Welcome back to the Weekly Worker after our two-week winter break. I must say, for me, the new year was a cause for celebration in one particular sense - yes, you guessed it: we ended 2020, having exceeded our fighting fund target for the whole year!

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite make that monthly £2,000 in December - we were short by £52. But that wasn’t enough to pull the rug out from the overall surplus for the year. Modest though it is, we ended the year £34 in the black. But first things first! The last couple of weeks in December saw a fantastic surge in donations, taking the running total from £826 on December 17 to £1,948 on the 31st.

There were several comrades who made a special effort to help us reach that £2K target. Firstly there was AC, who gave us a Christmas present of £200 despite having already donated £50 earlier in the month. Then there were six generous PayPal donations: £60 each from comrades JT and JF, £50 from comrades LC, MM and DB, and £5 from comrade AR.

Then there were a batch of standing orders in the last fortnight. Thanks go to SK and PM for their three-figure contributions, to MM (£75), JC and JT (£50), GB (£25) and DG (£20), and to BB, SS, AR, GT, RL, MW, VP and RW, whose SOs were all for amounts under £20, but still very much valued. All in all, we ended the month with £1,958 in the kitty - not bad, especially when you consider you didn’t have me to keep nagging you.

And we have got off to a good start in 2021 as well! Already, after just six days, we have a brilliant £828. Most of that, it must be said is down to comrade SK, who donated a fantastic £547. On top of that, there were those start-of-the-month standing orders, ranging from £5 to £50, from AN, AC, LW, II, BG, MT, PL, FK, MM, CG, PG, PBS, TM, YM, DI, SJ and JK.

Thanks very much, comrades, and keep it up!

Robbie Rix