Back in three weeks

As I have noted several times before, the second week of the month is not exactly the most productive in terms of the Weekly Worker fighting fund. That’s because, for some reason, our standing order donors - who easily account for the vast bulk of regular contributors - prefer weeks 1, 3 and 4.

And August has not bucked the trend, with just £172 coming our way in week 2. Not a lot - especially when you consider we need £2,000 each and every month and, with just under half the month gone, we’ve received only £498. Well, the last two weeks of the month will certainly be better, but will that be enough to take us to our target?

But it has to be said that this week has not been without its highlights - namely in the shape of two £50 donations. Comrade LT send us a cheque for that amount, while RL used PayPal for the second of the three “catch-up payments” he’s decided to make. After all, he kept reading the Weekly Worker online before taking out a subscription, so it’s only right to throw some money our way, isn’t it?

The only other contributors this week were the three standing order donors - NH (£30), DV (£25) and SN (£10) - plus DB, who, a bit like comrade RL, feels he ought to pay for his paper, even though he now reads us online. He continues to pay us the same £7.20 monthly sub via PayPal as when we sent him the paper overseas!

But now we could do with a bit of acceleration - especially as you won’t be getting any more reminders from me until September 5. That’s because this is the last issue of the Weekly Worker before our two-week August break, so in three weeks time I hope to be able to report that we achieved the full £2,000! 

Robbie Rix