Help us out

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Unfortunately, for the second consecutive month we failed to make our £2,000 fighting fund target, finishing up with £1,851 in March.

Mind you, things would have been a lot worse but for a last-minute donation from comrade SK, who transferred no less than £269 to the Weekly Worker account! Others who made their contribution via bank transfer were comrades BK and JC (£50 each), while MD donated £12 via PayPal. Then there were those monthly standing orders, from JT (£50), DG (£20), GT and MW (£15), RL and VP (£10). So the total for the week was a very useful £501 - but not enough to see us home.

All that means that the deficit from February and March has now exceeded the fighting fund surplus in January - and actually cancelled out the small overall surplus we had in 2020. In other words, let’s get back on track in April!

Those were the thoughts of comrade HJ too, who says she will set up a monthly standing order beginning next month. She writes: “I only recently discovered the Weekly Worker and now can’t wait to read it each week. Unlike the rest of the left you’re not sectarian. You want genuine unity!” You’ve got it, comrade!

But now there’s something we need to get too: the £149 we were short in March’s fighting fund! Can you help us out?

Robbie Rix