With your help

Robbie Rix reports back

Following my absence from these pages during the CPGB’s Summer Offensive fundraising drive over the last two months, I am pleased to be able to announce a good start to the Weekly Worker’s own September fighting fund on my return.

Both AG and HJ celebrated the reappearance of our paper after its two-week August break by writing a cheque for £50 - just what the doctor ordered! Then we had the usual flurry of standing orders, which we see at the start of every month - they amounted to £327 since September 1. Thanks in particular to comrades MS, and EW (£40 each), ST, SW, AC and CG (£30) - you all helped boost our aim of reaching our £1,750 target before the month is out.

Then there was the cash handed over personally from ‘Hassan’ (£15) and the total collected for the Weekly Worker at the last two London Communist Forums, amounting to £31. Last but not least, three comrades clicked on the ‘Donate’ button on our website - thank you, KT (£20), PM (£15) and MN (£10), who were among the 2,566 online readers of last week’s edition. I just wish a few more of those readers would show their appreciation by also making use of our PayPal facility.

But, as I say, a good start. After exactly one week we have raised £518. Yet I can’t help worrying about, for example, the drop in standing order donations toward the middle of each month - will we be able to keep up the pace? With your help I know we can!