Made it!

JC, a longstanding Marxist activist who is now a member of the Labour Party, writes: “I have read the Weekly Worker for several months, having heard of it through a friend’s recommendation of Mike Macnair’s Revolutionary strategy - the second edition of which we are both eagerly awaiting.” I’ll pass on your hint, comrade!

Anyway, JC has finally decided to take out a subscription - and decided to add £3 to each standing order payment. Most welcome, but not as generous as NH, who, just as I was about to write this column, handed a cool £100 to one of our supporters! Or BB, who made a £50 bank transfer to try and ensure we reach our £1,750 June target.

Well, there’s still another day to go, but I’m pleased to say we’ve already made it! A total of £102 came in through standing orders (thanks go to SS, GT, DC, BB and JT) and £55 via PayPal - thank you, MN (£40), SV (£10) and TL (£5), who were among 2,535 online readers this week. Then there was BD’s generous £50 cheque.

Thanks to all these comrades’ generosity, we pulled in an extra £360 over the last seven days, taking our running total up to £1,839. But if anyone wants to chip in, you’ve still got time if you use PayPal or - better still - make a transfer from your online account.