Ease my worries

As I’ve been saying, the decision to increase our monthly fighting fund target has met with a fantastic response. A week ago I reported that we needed just £7 to reach the new £2,000 mark, and over the last six days of the month a further £235 came our way, taking the final tally for April to a brilliant £2,228.

Most of that came via standing orders and bank transfers - thanks in particular to DG (£60), JT (£50) and BL (£25), with a mention also for JS, SS, GT, JM, VP, RL and AR, who all donated either £10 or £15. Speaking of AR, he likes to contribute using two methods - as well as his £10 standing order, he has also organised a monthly PayPal payment of £5! Thanks also to JK, who made a another PayPal donation for £10.

And May has got off to an excellent start after just one day - we’ve already received no less than £231! Admittedly most of that came in the shape of three cheques, all of which were sent in April, but, since they were only received on May 1, they’ll count towards this month’s total. Thank you, OG and RG, who added £60 and £40 respectively to their subscription payments, and to CG, who sent us the other cheque for £30 (not to mention some stamps to help us with our weekly mailout!).

The remaining £101 received on May Day was made up entirely of standing orders - a large proportion of which are scheduled for the beginning of each month. Thanks go to the 10 comrades who contributed between £5 and £20 each. We also received a new standing order authority from PL, who answered the editor’s appeal with a commitment to pay £6 a month.

However, a word of warning. Although the response has been fantastic, it has mostly been in the form of one-off payments. So how will we fare from now on? The increase in standing orders so far works out at less than £100 a month, while the target has gone up by £250. Of course, the £228 received in April over and above that new target is cash in the bank right now, but it would really ease my worries if more comrades could help us out with an SO.

Robbie Rix