Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Having just made our £2,000 target in August, right now we are going through that part of the month where things are proceeding not quite so quickly as we’d like.

Don’t get me wrong. Over the last seven days, nine comrades made their usual monthly standing order payment. Thanks go to AC (£50), CG and HN (£30 each), GD and DV (£25), JS and LM (£15), and JK and SM (£10) - a total of £210 from SOs. And there was also one PayPal donation for £25 from KF. All that is very much appreciated, of course, but it’s those three-figure payments (which usually come our way later in the month) that make a big difference.

Anyway, all that came to £216, taking the running total for the month up to £461. With, as I write, nine days of September gone already, we’re running a bit behind, if we’re going to reach that £2K once again. But, as always, I’m optimistic. Let me quote our sole PayPal donor this week to give you an idea why.

KF writes: “I can’t wait to get the Weekly Worker in my hands again. It’s easily the best on the left - even online! What other paper not only believes in its ideas, but allows all sorts of criticism of them?” You’ve got it, comrade! The open exchange of ideas is the only way to get to the truth.

But, when it comes to the print edition, there’s bad news, I’m afraid. As Peter Manson explains in his report on the CPGB aggregate, we were hoping to start printing again next week. But now the sudden increase in Covid cases has given us second thoughts. But we will be printing again soon. Patience, comrades, patience! 

Robbie Rix