Early Christmas?

Robbie Rix is hoping for some early presents under the Weekly Worker tree

According to comrade ME, “The Weekly Worker is a great paper and invaluable to the left, in my opinion.” In fact it’s “infinitely better than most left newspapers” - which obviously means he had to renew his subscription!

Another one who did the same was comrade BB - even though he already pays by standing order. Never mind - when we rang him up he said we should accept his £30 cheque as a donation. That’s the spirit, comrade! Other cheques were from BW (£10 added to his sub) and JP (£5, ditto).

However, the bad news is, we fell quite a bit short of our November fighting fund target of £1,750, ending the month on £1,468 - a deficit of £282. That was despite some excellent donations, including RK’s bank transfer of £25 and standing orders from PM (£100), JT (£30), GT (£15), SS and RL (£10 each). There were also PayPal donations from MC (£25), DV (£10) and JW (£5).

We could really do with more of our online readers (there were 2,774 of them last week) clicking on that PayPal button, or - even better - following RK’s example by making a bank transfer, which doesn’t incur anyone any costs, of course. Either way, we need to make up for the November deficit by raising at least £2,000 in December.

How about a nice batch of early Christmas presents?