Good cause

"It’s always nice to support a good cause,” said a comrade who handed over a fiver for the Weekly Worker at last Sunday’s London Communist Forum, entitled ‘Defend Ken Livingstone’.

And I think that just about everyone among the three dozen comrades present were agreed that our paper is defending Livingstone in a principled manner - the meeting saw unanimous opposition from those who spoke to Labour’s sham ‘anti-Semitism’ witch-hunt and there was certainly appreciation of the role of the Weekly Worker in this. Comrade PB donated a generous £20, while £35 in total was received from other comrades.

This week there were two PayPal donations - £10 from a stalwart in her 80s, comrade VB, and a lovely £50 from DS. They were among 3,321 online readers last week (and they’re going to stay that way, as both declined my offer to send them the printed version). Then there were two cheques - a handy £40 from comrade CT, plus a tenner added to BN’s subscription. Finally, standing orders received in the last seven days amounted to £90 - thanks to RK and GD (£25 each), DV (£20), SM and AN (£10 each).

So all that added £255 to our April fighting fund, taking the running total to £567. But I’m afraid to say that this is well below par - not quite a third of the £1,750 we need each and every month with almost half of April behind us. In other words, I’m looking for a sharp acceleration over the next week or so. Who else wants to experience that nice feeling that comes with supporting a good working class cause?