Final issue

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Despite some excellent contributions this week to our final fighting fund of 2020, we are still some way behind where we need to be, if we’re going to make that £2,000 target for December.

Pride of place goes to comrade KB for his magnificent £170 donation, while other bank transfers came in the shape of monthly standing orders from PB (£60) and TR (£40). On top of that, regular donors MF and RL each chipped in with £50 via PayPal, while US comrade PM came up with his usual £25 using the same method. Thanks comrade!

So there were only six contributors, but they managed no less than £395 between them. That takes our running total to £826, with well over half the month gone and exactly two weeks remaining to get the £1,174 we still need. We could definitely do with a bit of a boost.

And the problem is, you won’t have me to keep egging you on for the rest of the month, as this is the final issue of the Weekly Worker before our two-week winter break. The next issue will appear on Thursday January 7, when I hope to announce our success in not only reaching that £2,000 target, but also an overall surplus for the year. At the end of November that surplus stood at £86, so we don’t want to finish the year with a double disappointment - a deficit for both December and 2020 as a whole.

But I’m confident that won’t happen. I’m expecting some nice standing orders over the next week or so, but they won’t be anywhere near enough to see us home on their own. We need a few more readers to make sure we get there. Please click on that PayPal button or make a bank transfer (sort code 30-99-64; account number 00744310). I’ll let you know how we did in three weeks time.

In the meantime, let me wish all our readers and supporters all the best for the rest of the year and let’s look forward to a real political fightback in 2021!

Robbie Rix