Up to you

As I was hoping last week, the third week of our May fighting fund more than made up for the dismal sum that came our way last week - a mere £122 towards our monthly £2,000 target. By contrast, week three saw no less than £915 land in our coffers!

The reason for that is, of course, the concentration of those regular standing orders at this time of the month - they amounted to £840. A special mention must go to comrades TR, KB, MM, PM, SK and TB for their generosity - and to GB, who decided, in response to the editor’s pleas last month, to increase his SO from £25 to £40. But something went wrong and we got both amounts. However, when this was pointed out, the comrade politely shrugged and told us to keep the whole lot!

In addition, we got a one-off £25 bank transfer from JS, who is now amongst the keenest sellers and distributors of the Weekly Worker, plus two cheques - thank you, MN (£25) and BV (£20). Finally there was a single, if modest, PayPal donation - a fiver from comrade JK.

Anyway, our running total has now soared to £1,557, with just over a week to go, so there is a real possibility that we will reach that £2,000 target once again, despite last week’s bad news. It’s up to you, dear readers - we still need £443 by May 31.

Robbie Rix