Capitalism & Crisis

The decline of money

01 Mar 2012

If we are to understand the present crisis we need to grasp the decaying relationship between money, production and value. Hillel Ticktin discusses the growth of fictitious capital and impossibility of getting money to make money

Battle for Tory soul

30 Nov 2023

There is more trouble for Sunak, writes Eddie Ford, with record net figures - much to the anger and consternation of the Tory right

Desperately seeking martyrdom

23 Nov 2023

With the Tories facing an electoral drubbing and having no coherent strategy, Rishi Sunak is reduced to day-to-day politicking, writes Eddie Ford

Sahm recession to downturn

16 Nov 2023

There is a slowdown in productivity and world trade, and increased geopolitical rivalry, So, writes Michael Roberts, don’t expect increased growth

Too little, too late

16 Nov 2023

Capitalism is frying the planet. This year will almost certainly be the hottest on record and next year might possibly be even worse, writes Eddie Ford

Hiding in the shadows

05 Oct 2023

Interest rates are at a long-term high and look set to stay that way for at least a couple of years more. Michael Roberts warns that there are likely to be severe economic consequences

Staring at an electoral drubbing

05 Oct 2023

Peddling conspiracy theories, bashing the EU, migrants and the undeserving poor - no wonder Nigel Farage loved it. But, writes Eddie Ford, this year’s Tory conference was dominated by one issue: HS2

Foot in mouthery

28 Sep 2023

Every September the United Nations general assembly hosts a get-together of leaders. Yassamine Mather zeroes in on the Iranian president’s embarrassing contribution

Driving the green wedge

28 Sep 2023

Rishi Sunak’s sudden U-turn is the result of desperation … and a leak, writes Eddie Ford. Meanwhile, yet another authoritative report shows that yet another climate record is in danger of being broken

Sex, lies and celebrity

28 Sep 2023

Sexual misconduct is inseparable from celebrity culture and the capitalist media apparatus. But, asks Paul Demarty, can Russell Brand ever get a fair trial?

A year of defiance

21 Sep 2023

Despite countless protest demonstrations and at least 500 deaths the Islamic regime still clings to power. Yassamine Mather calls upon the left to think seriously about strategy, mass organisation and a party

Doctors step up action

14 Sep 2023

BMA members have returned huge majorities for strike action. While the Tory government remains intransigent, there does seem to be some movement on Labour’s front bench, Richard Galen reports

Expect nothing from Sir Keir

14 Sep 2023

Birmingham city’s declaration of bankruptcy comes after a decade and more of austerity and the systematic erosion of local government. Kevin Bean calls for a return to democracy but on a much higher level

Dog days of summer

14 Sep 2023

Yet more climate records fall, but the Tory government is criminally ‘maxing out’ fossil fuels and sabotaging the expansion of offshore wind capacity, writes Eddie Ford

Land, sea and air records

10 Aug 2023

Yet more grim statistics show that the planet is getting hotter and hotter, writes Eddie Ford. Meanwhile the Tories are denouncing eco-zealots, campaigning against Ulez and granting yet more oil and gas concessions

Gambler of Riyadh

10 Aug 2023

From sportswashing to megacities: what is MBS up to? Paul Demarty investigates the grandiose Vision 2030

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