Capitalism & Crisis

The decline of money

01 Mar 2012

If we are to understand the present crisis we need to grasp the decaying relationship between money, production and value. Hillel Ticktin discusses the growth of fictitious capital and impossibility of getting money to make money

Migration delusions

04 Aug 2022

The Tory leadership rivals’ attempts to outbid each other on being ‘hard on immigration’ promote delusions, argues Mike Macnair

Energy as a weapon

28 Jul 2022

Michael Roberts looks at the fallout from the Ukraine war and how plans for an oil cap could trigger a deep recession

Game of fortunes

07 Jul 2022

Erdoğan is trying to divert attention from his shambolic handling of the economy by picking all manner of foreign fights. Esen Uslu reports

Flippy and ghost work

07 Jul 2022

Automation sees low-skilled workers replaced, but there are many unintended consequences. Only the replacement of the profit motive would allow automation to deliver real human benefits, argues Michael Roberts

Working long and hard

30 Jun 2022

David Graeber’s bullshit jobs thesis is plain wrong. Capitalist social relations are driving up hours and ruining people’s health, writes Michael Roberts

Scissor blades closing

23 Jun 2022

Prices soaring, real wages falling and a new slump very much on the cards. Michael Roberts looks at the prospects for the world economy

At whose service?

16 Jun 2022

Reform of primary care should not be trusted to the likes of Policy Exchange, writes James Linney. This ‘independent’ think tank was set up by Tories to serve the Tory agenda of cost-saving and profit-making

Inflation and pauperisation

09 Jun 2022

Inflation is soaring, along with chauvinist rhetoric. Things are not looking good for Erdoğan and Erdoğanomics, reports Esen Uslu

Running out of luck

26 May 2022

The new Labor government is committed, like its predecessor, to the US alliance and disengaging with China. Meanwhile, real wages fall, inflation increases and climate change brings floods, fires and droughts. Michael Roberts looks at a country facing troubled times

Luxury amidst poverty

19 May 2022

Soaring prices and shortages of basic foodstuffs have triggered anti-government protests and riots, reports Yassamine Mather

Crypto unTethered

19 May 2022

Speculation is inherent in capitalism, writes Michael Roberts. That is why we have seen the appearance of cryptocurrencies

Understanding capitalist dynamics

12 May 2022

Ian Wright reviews 'How labor powers the global economy' by Emmanuel Farjoun, Moshé Machover and David Zachariah (Springer Publishing 2022, pp166, £90)

A new Marshall plan?

05 May 2022

The US and its allies see the war as a heaven-sent opportunity to weaken Russia, writes Michael Roberts. Next will come China - and the working class will pay the price

Stunts, problems and solutions

05 May 2022

The ‘right to buy’ scam exposes the Tories as the party of buy-to-let landlords, property speculators and City-boy financiers, argues Mike Macnair

Trouble in paradise

05 May 2022

Like other such territories, the British Virgin Islands is an outpost of corrupt City of London financial scams and operations, writes Eddie Ford

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