Not a clue

After a good November, Robbie Rix welcomes December

Thanks to all comrades who contributed to November’s fighting fund, whose final total was a fantastic £2,368 - a brilliant £618 over and above our monthly target! On the final day we received standing order donations for £10 each from VP and RL, plus cheques from BW (£20) and JP (£5), both of which were added to their subscription payment.

And December’s fund has got off to the usual good start - it’s all those regular standing orders that land in our account right at the beginning of each month. In the first few days there were 18 of them, varying from a modest £5 to a generous £40 and totalling £342. Thank you, comrades DI, EO, DL, MS, BG, EW, GW, MM, MT, YM, PBS, TM, TG, BL, SW, AC, CG and ST!

Then there were two PayPal donations (from among the 2,810 online readers last week), of which comrade ET’s is the most interesting. Explaining the reason for his £25 gift, he says it is in appreciation of the contributions of Tony Greenstein, Moshé Machover and Rex Dunn - but “not for the editor and Labour Party Marxists, who don’t have a clue”! Ah well, you can’t please everybody. The other £15 was from regular US donor PM, who may or may not have a different point of view.

Anyway, whether you think the editor and LPM are clueless or not, we’d really appreciate your help in reaching our target this month - December is notoriously bad because of that little thing called Christmas, which tends to interfere with many comrades’ routine!

We have £382 towards our £1,750 target.