Watch this space

Will the next week be as good as the last? Robbie Rix is optimistic

Thanks to two comrades in particular, our June fighting fund is now within striking distance of our £1,750 monthly target. The first is SK, who, with his usual modest generosity, donated no less than £230. The second is PM, who did not quite match that, but his £200 bank transfer was just as welcome.

Not far behind them, among the standing order donors, were MM (£75) and TB (£50). Then there was a £30 cheque from BC, plus two PayPal contributions - thanks to FG (£10) and TR (£5). But unfortunately the last two were the only ones to click on that button, even though our stats monitor says there were 3,072 visitors to our website last week. How come none of the other 3,070 thought of using PayPal?!

Anyway, the excellent £630 we raised over the last seven days takes our June total to £1,466 - which means we need another £284 in exactly a week. And, as it happens, after next week I will be vacating this space in favour of Weekly Worker editor Peter Manson, who will be reporting on the CPGB’s annual two-month fundraising drive, the Summer Offensive, on behalf of the organisation’s Provisional Central Committee.

But before then - in fact this time next week - I hope to be reporting another success for our fighting fund. Watch this space!

Robbie Rix