Keep it flowing

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

As expected, the usual poor second week of the month was followed by an excellent third, with no less than £770 coming in to boost our October fighting fund running total. This now stands at £1,362, which means that another £638 is needed to make our £2,000 target, with 10 days still to go. You can do it!

The reason for that boost was, of course, the usual batch of standing orders that land in our account at this time of the month. It’s not so much the number we get, but their size. There were just seven of them, but they totalled £685 - an average of just under three figures! Thank you, comrades GS, TR, KB, GB, MM, PM and SK. On top of that there were four PayPal donations - from LC (£50), PM (£25), DO and BO (£5 each).

Of course, because of the lockdown, we are unable to print the Weekly Worker, which means that much of our income from the fighting fund can now be used, for instance, to upgrade our office, including some much needed hardware. And there is another advantage: readers will have noticed that we no longer have to stick to the usual 12 pages - we can even have an odd number. Yes, that’s right - a couple of weeks ago there were 15 pages, and this week there are 14. Of course, 12 will be the minimum, so you won’t lose out!

But it goes without saying that so many of our readers are just longing to get that print version back in their hands, so let’s hope it won’t be that long before their wish comes true. Once we do restart, we need to find ways of boosting our circulation, and we’ll be looking for more volunteers to sell and distribute the paper locally. If you want to help, you know what to do!

But, in the meantime, keep that cash flowing in. Let’s make sure we reach that £2K target for October.

Robbie Rix