Human error

Just under a week ago comrade JF emailed us to ask why his £50 donation hadn’t been mentioned in last week’s column. After all, he had followed my advice and used our preferred means of receiving cash - a bank transfer. Well, I’m sorry, comrade - just human error, I’m afraid. But at least you can say I’ve made up for it now!

As usual, the largest chunk of what came our way over the last seven days took the form of standing orders. Thanks in particular to comrades BB, DG, SS, JC, GT, PM and SK, who donated a total of £455 between them. Then there was CT, who sent a cheque for £25, while PC (£20) and RN (£10) both clicked on that PayPal button.

According to that last-named comrade, “People should support the Weekly Worker in every way they can. Where else will you find such intensive debate - over the issues that the whole left is thinking about?” RN is particularly impressed by our letters pages. One thing you can say is that she is not shy about helping us as best as she can. True, as she says, £10 is “not a fortune”, but “every little helps”.

Well, donations like yours have helped us edge towards our £2,000 monthly target, comrade. They, together with all the other contributions to the total of £560 raised this week, have taken us up to £1,892. In other words, we still need £108 in just three days. Who will help us get there?

Robbie Rix