Last week I mentioned two comrades who had donated to our March fighting fund. DB had made his usual monthly payment of £7, while another comrade with the same initials - “DB number two” - had contributed £5, originally by mistake. But that provoked a response from the first comrade, who has now written: “When DB number one donates, it’s no mistake” - and to prove it he contributed another £30!

Thanks again to both comrades - and to all other donors, whatever their initials! In particular this week, it’s those standing-order maestros who’ve come up with the goods. Well, yes, it is that time of the month - three comrades came up with their usual three-figure monthly donation and several others contributed sums ranging from £10 to £75. Thank you, BK, TR, MM, TB, KB, PM and SK - what would we do without you?

Apart from “DB number one”, two other comrades made PayPal donations. JP came up with a cool £50, while US comrade PM made the first of his increased monthly payments of £25. Meanwhile someone else from beyond these shores - AM from Ireland - chipped in with a bank transfer of €55. Let’s call that £47. And another bank transfer - this time in sterling - came our way from GB. The message that came with his £50 was a single word: “Donation”.

Well, it’s been a fantastic week - no less than £937 was received towards our monthly target of £1,750. Added to the £697 we already had since the beginning of March, that’s boosted our running total to £1,634. In other words, we only need another £116, with over a week still to go.

Obviously, I’m optimistic - not only about getting there (and making up for last month’s shortfall too!), but about building up a bit extra to meet any future deficits later in the year. Feel free to chip in!

Robbie Rix