We can do it


Once again we have reached that tense, end-of-the-month situation. With just a few days left until the end of July, we still need a couple of hundred pounds to reach our £2,250 fighting fund target.

To be precise, we have received £2,026 so far, which means we are short by exactly £224. That is certainly within reach - especially if the examples of this week are anything to go by. For instance, three comrades donated three-figure sums - thank you, SK, PM and RG. Brilliant stuff!

Also contributing by bank transfer/standing order were GT (£35), AN (£30), DR and DG (£20 each), GD (£15), DD (£8) and TT (£6). Finally comrade LM handed over her usual £20 note to one of our comrades - all of which took this week’s total to £570.

In other words, we are definitely within reach of this month’s target - yes, we have, as I write, five days left to raise the £224 we still need, but we really must make sure we get there this time, especially after so many shortfalls in recent months.

Please play your part in doing that - we need to receive your donations by Monday (July 31), so please help us by clicking on that PayPal button at www.weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/donate, or by making a speedy bank transfer to ‘Weekly Worker’ (sort code 30-99-64, account number 00744310).

Yes, let’s reverse the results of March, April, May and June. Together we can do it and help ensure the Weekly Worker can continue its vital work.