Just as good!

Money from marches, subs, or donations: Robbi Rix says it is all just as good

Our fighting fund got a big boost last weekend in London, when our supporters raised a magnificent £680 for the Weekly Worker at the March 4 demonstration to defend the NHS. Our comrades were busy at stalls at both ends of the march, as well as mingling with the demonstrators in between.

A number of marchers handed over a fiver in appreciation of our paper, which not a few said they regularly read online. Comrade PB actually gave us £30!

I know I’m always complaining about the failure of so many of our website readers to make a donation online, but, if they do so when they see us face to face, that’s just as good!

We also received a number of standing order donations this week - thank you, SW and CG (£30 each); RK and GD (£25); DV (£20); AC (£15); and DG, SM and TK (£10). That came to £175, while comrade PM with his £15 was the only PayPal donor out of 2,780 online readers (he obviously wasn’t at the demonstration!). Finally both GF (£25) and FW (£20) added a little something to their subscription cheques.

So, all in all, we raised a fantastic £915 in a single week, taking our running total for March up to £1,147. The target is £1,750. So this time I really am confident that we can make up the rest of January’s shortfall - and a lot more too! Please help us do that.