Chipping in

Approaching a Weekly Worker seller at Saturday’s anti-Trump demo in London, a certain anonymous comrade offered a donation to our paper - with the proviso that we didn’t mention even his initials in this column, as he thought they were “too obvious”. Work that one out! Anyway, thanks very much for the £20 note, comrade.

However, the demo wasn’t particularly fertile ground - we only raised around £500 in total. But, of course, on top of that we have received quite a few donations from other sources. There were 10 standing orders - that most reliable source of regular income - ranging from £10 to the £30 received from SW and CG. Also worth a mention were GD’s £25 and DV’s £20, while that prolific donor, comrade BK, came up with one of his regular bank transfers, this time for £25.

Then there were three PayPal contributions - thank you in particular, NT, for a tremendous £50 - while LM sent us a handy £25 cheque and CT threw in an extra tenner when renewing his subscription.

All that took the total received over the last seven days to £838, and the running total for February to £940. Yes, I know we’re only just over a week into the month, but we will still need to raise the full £1,750. So no room for complacency - how about a few more of you internet readers chipping in via our PayPal facility?

Speaking of which, the number of online readers has been creeping up again recently - last week there were 3,402 of them. If you’re one of them, you know what I’d like you to do!