Summer break

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Several magnificent donations have seen the Weekly Worker fighting fund total for August soar in time for this issue - the final one before our annual two-week summer break.

Pride of place goes to comrade JC, who donated a fantastic £400 (!) by bank transfer, while comrade GB contributed £85 by the same method. Then there were five PayPal donations from SB, MF and RL (£50 each), as well as BH and MH (£10). There were also seven standing orders from HN (£30), BO, DV and GD (£25 each), NR (£18), MM and SM (£10 each). Finally comrade Hassan made his usual cash donations - two of them, totalling £15.

All that comes to a brilliant £813, taking our running total for August up to £1,174 after just 11 days. So we seem to be well on track not only to reach our £2,000 target, but also to make up for last month’s £185 deficit. But a word of warning - you won’t have me to remind you again before the end of the month.

That’s because, as I said, we’re about to start our two weeks in August when there’s no Weekly Worker! Next week, of course, it’s the annual Communist University (see p11) and the following week our team will be taking a much deserved break!

So when you next read my words of wisdom it will be in three weeks time. But I really hope I’ll be able to report on September 2 that we smashed through that £2K barrier. Why not follow the example of some of this week’s donors to help make sure we do?! I look forward to receiving your donations.

Robbie Rix