We got there!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I am more than pleased to report that our first fighting fund since we raised the monthly target to £2,250 came up with the goods! Thanks to some brilliant last-minute donations, we just got there, ending November with £2,308. Well done, everybody!

The comrade who sealed it was JC, whose £100 bank transfer took us over the line late in the afternoon of November 30. Another £100 donation came from comrade TB, who used PayPal - as did comrades DB (£50) and AR (£5). And AR did his usual double act, as his standing order - also for a fiver - came through the same day.

Other standing orders were from JT (£50), MD (£25), DG (£20), GT (£15), VP (£10) and OG (£9). On top of that comrades BK (£25) and JF (£10) came up with end-of-the-month bank transfers, while comrade Hassan handed his usual tenner to a Weekly Worker comrade. All in all, we pulled in an extra £424 in the last week of the month.

A very good start - meeting the new target the first time of asking! And after just one day since our December fighting fund began, we already have £186 in the kitty. That resulted entirely from all those SOs that come our way on the first of the month - no fewer than 13 comrades did the necessary on December 1.

So now we need to make sure that this success is not just a one-off. We need £2,250 each and every month, so how about taking out a standing order if you haven’t got one already - or increasing it if you have? Subscribers will be receiving an email or phone call urging them to do so very soon!

Robbie Rix