All not rosy

Technically it's magenta... never mind

While the final week of our October fighting fund was not spectacular - an extra £190 was received - the fact that we well and truly exceeded our £1,750 target is certainly a cause for celebration.

In fact the final total was a magnificent £2,246, which, if this result is anything to go by, certainly augurs well for the future of the Weekly Worker. There were eight standing orders, ranging from £10 (from AR, JM, RL, VP and SS), through £15 (GT), to BL’s £30 and JT’s £50. In addition to his £10 SO, comrade AR added another fiver via PayPal - although the most generous donor via that method this week was DG, who donated £50 on top of his usual standing order earlier in the month. Finally comrade OG added £20 to her resubscription cheque and, as a result, we ended up £496 over target.

However, things are not all rosy. Our printers are just about to change premises, which means they will be out of action for a few weeks. That in turn means we may incur substantial extra costs from whoever steps in on a temporary basis. It’s for situations like this that we need to build up some reserves over and above our usual running costs.

But let’s not be pessimistic. Our readers and supporters certainly did a fantastic job in supporting the paper they know plays a vital role in fighting for the Marxist party we desperately need it.

Robbie Rix