£305 in three days

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

As I write, there are just three days left to reach our monthly £2,250 fighting fund target and we have exactly £1,945 in the kitty. In other words, we still need £305 if we’re going to get there.

The highlight of the last seven days came in the shape of two £50 donations - JT made his usual monthly bank transfer, while DB used PayPal to do the same. On top of that, there were standing orders from DG and PW (£20 each), GD, JR and GT (£15), OG (£14), JM (£10), DD (£8) and TT (£6). Three of those were new or increased SOs in response to our editor’s recent appeal to subscribers.

However, the fact that all the payments listed above only came to £223 in a week makes it clear the task we are now facing if we’re going to break through that £2,250 barrier by April 30. There are two ways to make sure we get £305 by then, both mentioned above: PayPal and bank transfer. For the first, please go to weeklyworker.co.uk/worker/donate; for the second - which is better for both parties, because no fees are deducted - make your transfer to ‘Weekly Worker’: account number 00744310, sort code 30‑99-64.

Why is it important to support the Weekly Worker? Let me quote comrade DV, who notes how our paper always reports on the disagreements expressed by dissenting CPGB members, particularly in our reports of membership aggregates. He writes: “… no other left paper does that! The left would be much bigger if they practised the openness and free debate that WW practises as well as preaches.”

Quite right, comrade. That’s why the Weekly Worker is right now an essential weapon for the Marxist left - and why we need continuing donations from our readers and supporters. Will enough of them rally to the cause within three days?

Robbie Rix