Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

Despite some really generous contributions in the last week of our June fighting fund, we weren’t quite able to make up for the slow start to the month. Although £460 came our way, we could only manage an overall total of £1,833. In other words, a deficit of £167.

There were some really gallant donations though - most notably from BK, who made a £100 bank transfer, and DB, who chipped in with his usual £50 via PayPal. Others who used that method were SM (£10) and AR (£5) - the latter being renowned for his two monthly donations in quick succession, the other being a £10 standing order.

Everything else we got was also in the shape of standing orders - thanks to comrades DG (£60), JC And JT (£50 each), SS, GT and MW (£15), together with VP and RL (£10). Once again, there are no donations via cheque or cash to report.

But, as I say, that leaves us here at the Weekly Worker with some work to do in July - let’s make sure we not only reach that £2K target, but zap in the £167 we didn’t get in June! In fact, on the first day of this month’s fighting fund we pulled in £142 in the shape of no less than 13 different donations! In case you haven’t guessed, the first of the month is the favourite day for so many of our standing order contributors, and those 13 comrades came up with SOs ranging from £5 to £20 (thanks to DL and PG for that last amount).

Let’s hope we can resume printing in a few weeks time. Last week I mentioned August as a possibility - not that we will be printing during the CPGB’s annual Communist University (August 14-22).

In the meantime, let’s keep those donations rolling in! 

Robbie Rix