Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

We have two reasons to celebrate: first, at long last, the Weekly Worker is in print once again - after well over a year, when the pandemic meant we had no choice but to go online-only. Second, as our costs will now shoot up as a result, it was great that we managed (just!) to reach our £2,000 target for May’s fighting fund.

Over the last few days of the month since last week’s issue, we received a handy £215, taking the final total for May up to £2,017. Well done, everyone! Special thanks go to comrade TDB, who has paid his £60 annual subscription, even though he doesn’t want a print copy! In other words, it’s a donation. Also clicking on that PayPal button was DB, who came up with his regular £50 gift, along with LG (£25) and AR (£5).

Talking of AR, he also has a £5 standing order, so he pays £10 each month via two different sources! Two other monthly SOs were from VP and AN (£10 each), while comrade BK made one of those generous £50 bank transfers of his. Thanks to all comrades for seeing us home with £17 to spare!

And, after just a couple of days in June, we already have £160 on the way to that £2K target once again. All of that came in the shape of those start-of-the-month standing orders - thanks go to EW (£40), ST (£30), MS (£20), MT (£15), TM (£12), MM (£11), DI and YM (£10 each), BG (£7) and PBS (£5).

So, now you’ve got the paper back in your hands again, please don’t forget that we need your support - both political and financial. Let’s make sure we reach that target once more in June.

Robbie Rix