Do your bit

Our February fighting fund received the expected boost in the shape of the regular standing orders we get at this time of the month: just five comrades raised between them £345 - thank you, comrades TR, MM, KB, GB and TB.

On top of that there was a £60 bank transfer from another regular donor, comrade PB, plus two PayPal contributions - the first from US comrade PM for £25 and the other from someone more local: KC from London (£10). Finally a single cheque came our way from RN, who added a generous £40 to her £60 annual subscription. Good stuff, comrade!

But, overall, it’s not been as good a week as I was hoping for - an extra £480 towards our £2,000 target, giving us a running total of £1,224. But that still leaves us £776 short with only 10 days to go. Let’s hope some comrades take inspiration from the words RN wrote, accompanying her £100 cheque: “Every time my subscription comes up for renewal, it makes me think how much the Weekly Worker is needed and so I throw in a bit extra! Thanks for the continued quality of the content - especially Paul Demarty.”

(I was thinking of knocking that last bit out - we don’t want him getting big-headed.)

RN concludes: “I don’t understand why you don’t get a lot more. Your articles on the Labour Party have been brilliant and I know quite a few people who think the same as me.” Well, perhaps some of them will read your words and do their bit, comrade! I hope so, as we’re looking a bit below target in the shortest month of the year.

Any offers?

Robbie Rix