More than anything

Despite a couple of really generous last-minute donations, we didn’t quite manage to reach our £2,000 fighting fund target for May.

Using PayPal, comrade TB donated a fantastic £60, while BK chipped in with a really useful £50 and AR came up with a fiver. Then there were three end-of-the-month standing orders from VP and RL (£10 each) and JC (£5). That gave us an extra £140 by May 31 and a total for the month of £1,878.

That deficit of £122 is not a huge one, but we could still do with making it up in June. As usual, we’ve started the new month with a barrage of standing orders - 14 of them, ranging from £5 to £50. Responsible for that last figure was comrade AC, while EW donated £40, ST £30, and MS and TG £20 each.

Then there was a useful £25 from US comrade LG, who wrote just one short, incomplete phrase: “Given what’s been happening here in the States ...”! He’s referring to the huge protests against the police murder of a black man in Minnesota, of course, and I take LG’s brief comment very much as a compliment. That brutal act should tell us one thing above all else: in the US, as in Britain, what is needed more than anything is collective political organisation, led by a mass, principled Marxist party - exactly what the Weekly Worker is all about!

Anyway, we start June with £271 in the pot, which isn’t too bad after just three days. And I’m confident we can get back to winning ways this month. For instance, comrade PB has just emailed to say that she’s set up a new monthly standing order for £60, starting in a week or so. Good stuff!

Now let’s build on the momentum, so we make the full £2,000 target in June - plus an extra £122 to make up for last month’s disappointment! 

Robbie Rix