Look out- Robbie Rix is about

Following the successful end to the CPGB’s Summer Offensive fundraising drive, I am sure readers are only too pleased to welcome me back - not to mention contribute to the Weekly Worker’s fighting fund!

Just a reminder that our paper needs to raise £1,750 every month over and above the money received from subscriptions and sales, and last week a (slightly disappointing) total of £260 came our way. It was a good job that comrade KC was so generous - his £100 cheque accounted for a rather large proportion of that! Another cheque - for £20 - was sent in by comrade VN, while BS (£25) and RS (£10) clicked on that PayPal button on our website.

But this time of the month is pretty slack when it comes to standing orders - there were just five of them. Thanks go to NH (£30), BL (£25), GD (£25), DV (£20) and SM (£10), but it goes without saying that if anyone out there fancies joining them … Yes, you can fill in the form on the back page of our paper or set up a standing order yourself if you have an online account. Make it payable to ‘Weekly Worker’ (sort code 30- 99-64; account number 00744310).

Anyway, the September total now stands at £720 - which means we still need just over £1,000 in not much more than two weeks. A bit of acceleration is called for, so please do what you can to help us get there.