Here’s hoping

Our May fighting fund suffered a bit of a setback this week - a mere £122 was received, taking the running total to just £642, with half the month gone. Yet we need £2,000, so we’re well behind, I’m afraid.

Mind you, as regular readers will know, we’ve just passed that part of the month when standing orders are few and far between. We got just one of them this week - from BK, who paid us his usual £20. Then there was PM (£25) and DB (£7), our only contributors via PayPal - thanks go to all three comrades.

So things were looking pretty bleak until the postman delivered two cheques at the very end of the week - thank you, LC, for your £50 contribution; and, MN, for the £20 added to your subscription. LC was pleased, in particular, with the debate on gender our paper has carried over the past few weeks - “Typical Weekly Worker,” she writes: “not afraid to grapple with difficult and controversial issues.” She hoped her donation would help us to “keep on keeping on”.

Well, comrade, we certainly intend to do so, but we definitely need more readers like you to help us out. And I’m still hoping that the editor’s appeal last month for more, or bigger, standing orders will meet with more positive responses - if they were timed to land in our account in the second week of every month, that would be even better!

Anyway, here’s hoping that week three will see the usual flurry of regular donations - if not we’re in big trouble! In the meantime, does anyone fancy filling in an SO form for week two?

Robbie Rix