High note

Let me start 2020 with some good news: our 2019 fighting fund ended on a high note, with £620 donated to the Weekly Worker since the last issue of 2019 on December 19. That took our final fighting fund of the year over and above the £2,000 monthly target up to £2,077. Thanks go to the dozens of comrades who helped us out - in particular SK with his magnificent £230, PM for his £100, and DG (£60) and JT (£50) for their usual standing orders. JC and MD chipped in with generous PayPal donations, while JS (£25) and JC (£30) came up with handy bank transfers.

A word of caution though: the extra £77 we got in December didn’t quite make up for the previous shortfall and we ended 2019 with a deficit of £127. But £127 out of £24,000 is not a disaster! Still, we need to reach our target each and every month in 2020 if we possibly can.

And we start the year with a pretty useful £597. In the first eight days of the month 28 comrades came up with a contribution to our first fighting fund of the year - mostly by standing order, but also by cheque, bank transfer and Pay Pal - not to mention the tremendous £100 in cash handed to one of our team at last Sunday’s London Communist Forum by GT.

Other highlights were the £50 each from MF (his usual PayPal donation) and AC (standing order), along with eight other donations of £20 or more. Thanks to everyone!

But now we need to build on this support - let’s make sure the Weekly Worker is up to the numerous challenges facing the left, following the defeats of the end of last year. It’s only our paper that consistently fights for what is needed: the unity of all revolutionaries in a single, principled, Marxist party. Let’s make sure we take concrete steps towards achieving that, while at the same time continuing the fight to transform Labour into a “united front of a special kind”. Will you help? l

Robbie Rix

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