Four days to go

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

With, as I write, four days to go before the end of our February fighting fund, we still need £307 to reach that £2,000 monthly target. But I have to say that things are now looking much better than they did last week, when the running total stood at just £764! In other words, a fantastic £929 has come our way over the last seven days.

But the reality is that this improvement can be put down almost entirely to just one man - comrade SK, who donated no less than £558 in two separate contributions. As if his initial £230 wasn’t enough, a few days later he decided that we could do with another £328! What a comrade!

Then there was JC, who played his part in helping to relieve my worries with his £100 bank transfer. Another who chipped in using that method was comrade DT (£10), while PM (£100) and GB (£25) came up with their usual monthly standing orders. Then there was LC, whose monthly £50 is donated via PayPal.

Finally there was one more donation via PayPal - from French comrade CM, who contributed £86. In fact that was originally intended as his annual subscription, which was due for renewal, but when we emailed him to remind his that we’re still unable to print because of the pandemic, he insisted that he still wanted to pay his sub. He declined the offer of either a refund or his account being credited for when we resume printing. While he misses having a copy of the Weekly Worker in his hands, like so many other subscribers he is reading the paper every week online.

But, like many others, I’m sure he’s wondering, ‘When am I actually going to have a paper copy once again?’ Well, as readers will know, with the stepping up of vaccinations in the UK, things are looking brighter, aren’t they? Our team is not yet in a position to come together either for producing the paper or collating the printed copy, but hopefully things will continue to improve and that might happen very soon. Watch this space and we’ll keep you posted!

But, in the meantime, we’re still looking for that extra £307 before the end of the month. Fancy helping us out?

Robbie Rix