Fighting fund

Small matter - Robbie Rix reports on the weekly worker fighting fund:

The running total for June’s fighting fund increased by £440 over the last week, more than doubling it to £878. But that still leaves us way behind where we ought to be if we’re going to make that £2,000 target. There are less than two weeks left to raise the extra £1,122 we need.

But that doesn’t detract from the generous donations we received over the last seven days. Top of the list was KB, with his fantastic £170, and then there was £75 from comrade MM. Other standing order contributions came from PB - her first regular monthly payment of £60 - with TR (£40) and MF (£5) also chipping in. Then there was RL, who made his regular PayPal donation of £50, and US comrade PM, who came up with his usual £25, also via PayPal. Finally MF made a £15 bank transfer.

Thanks go to all those comrades, but we now need a bit more acceleration. One thing the lockdown has meant is the very much reduced face-to-face contact, so we’re obviously not getting the sales and handy cash donations we’re used to at meetings, demonstrations and other public events. Also cheques are few and far between - although hopefully I’ll be able to report a couple of those next week.

But, despite all that, we’ve so far managed to reach that £2,000 target every month since the lockdown began. And, as I keep saying, our subscribers have overwhelmingly kept up their regular payments, even though they’re not getting the printed version of the Weekly Worker, of course. But they know they won’t lose out - their subs will automatically be extended when we resume printing.

But now there’s that small matter of this month’s fighting fund. We need £100 a day if we’re going to reach that target. Here’s where you come in!

Robbie Rix