Good work

Prefer a dead tree version of the Weekly Worker to pore over? Or a fumble on your fondleslab? They both cost money, as Robbie Rix likes to remind us...

This week saw a bit of a deceleration after the start to September’s fighting fund I reported last time. Nevertheless, the £220 that came in takes our total to £962 - well within reach of our £1,500 target, with just under two weeks to go.

Of that £220, £140 came from regular standing orders - comrades MM and AD deserve special mention for their generous contributions. Then there were two £10 donations via PayPal - thank you, BN and FS - plus two fivers from KJ and FS. But unfortunately I can’t tell you how many others read us online last week: we have recently changed our server and this seems to have had an effect on our ability (well, my ability anyway) to access the website that records our statistics.

Finally there was a nice little £50 cheque from comrade LT, who believes that “the Weekly Worker is easily the best paper on the left”. He ends his note with that common exhortation: “Keep up the good work!”

And that, of course, is exactly what this column - or, more exactly, our fighting fund - is for. The money we get from sales of our paper comes nowhere near meeting our running costs (even though those who produce it are unpaid volunteers). We rely overwhelmingly on donations - especially those regular standing orders.

If you keep them coming in, then, yes, we will continue our “good work” - the work of fighting to establish a single Marxist party to unite our disparate forces.

Robbie Rix