The October target was exceeded, says Robbie Rix, now for November too

Congratulations to all who contributed to October’s fighting fund, which not only reached our £1,750 target, but ate into the 2017 accumulated deficit by a further £146.

Pride of place amongst them goes to comrade AW, who is about to leave for the United States and so has ended her subscription. Although she has cancelled her standing order, she says she wants to “honour my commitment” in the shape of a cheque for £100, in gratitude for “the hard work you are doing”.

In the last few days of October there were also cheques from ID (£10), who says he’s “not subscribed just yet, as I could be changing address”, and DL, who also came up with a tenner. And a total of £105 came in via the standing orders of six comrades (a special mention is due to JT for his usual £50), but there were no PayPal donations at all, even though we had 2,689 online readers since last week.

As for November’s fighting fund, we already have £102 after just one day - due in its entirety to 11 standing order donations that always land in our account on the first of the month. But, with another 29 days still to go, I’m hoping for a third consecutive month when we smash through the £1,750 barrier - not to mention knocking off another good bit from the remaining deficit of £392!