Gallant attempts

Despite some gallant last-minute attempts to help us over the line, we didn’t quite manage to reach our £2,000 fighting fund target for May.

As I reported last week, with two days to go we still needed £178, and three comrades answered my appeal to help us out at the very last moment. Pride of place goes to comrade JS, who made three bank transfers on the last day of the month, totalling £50. Then there was MM, who donated £20 by the same method, and TT, who used PayPal to give us a tenner. On top of that we received two end-of-the month standing orders from RL and VP (£10 each), all of which meant that our total went up by exactly £100 in two days and the May fighting fund ended on £1,922.

Well, we didn’t quite get there, but we were only £78 short, so we should definitely be able to make up for that deficit in June. As FT wrote, in the note accompanying his subscription cheque (plus £10 donation), just received, “There’s a consistent quality to your articles. It just shows what a small number of people can do with the right politics. But I know you need help!”

There were also two PayPal donations - thanks to CG (£20) and LN (£10). But the month always starts with a load of standing orders - there were 19 of them in the first five days, ranging from £6 to £50 - thank you, AC, for the latter. Also worth a special mention are EW (£40), SW, ST and CG (£30 each), MW (£25), and DL, MS and TG (£20 each).

The £352 that came in via those SOs was the main reason this month’s running total already stands at £392. Thanks to all who got us off to that start - now let’s see if we can make the full £2,000 (plus that £78!) in June.

Robbie Rix