Unfortunately, the Covid-19 crisis has taken its toll on production of the Weekly Worker - the lockdown has affected us too! The need to protect our comrades and restrict to a minimum their travel in London has meant that there is no practical way we can continue to produce, collate and mail out the print edition of this paper.

In other words, although the Weekly Worker will still be posted on our website every week, the one you’re reading now will be the final print issue until further notice. But don’t worry if you’ve paid a subscription: it will be held over until we resume printing and your sub will be extended accordingly, unless you tell us otherwise.

That must come as a blow to KF in particular, who not only sent us his resubscription cheque, but also added an extra £50 towards our fighting fund! Many thanks, comrade! Added to which we received a total of £345 in standing orders - thanks go also to KB (£170), MM (£75), GB (£50), TR (£40), MF and SN (£5 each). Finally US comrade PM sent us his usual £25 via PayPal.

All that meant that our running total went up by £420 to £1,360, with just under two weeks left to reach our £2,000 target for March. Of course, the lack of printing costs over the next period will ease the pressure somewhat, but we should make use of that to build up a much needed reserve fund. So please continue sending your donations - that will really help ease my worries!

First things first, though. As I write, we’ve got 13 days left to raise the £640 we still need for March. Please show your appreciation and do the necessary! 

Robbie Rix