Storming finish

Not quite over the line, but a good effort says Robbie Rix

Despite a valiant effort in the last five days of the month, we fell quite a bit short of our £1,750 fighting fund target for November.

It was always going to be a big ask to get the extra £600 we needed since last week’s paper came out, but by any standards the £430 that came in was excellent. That sum included four cheques - a fantastic £75 from RG and two £50 donations from KC and TS - plus a £30 bank transfer from CN.

Amongst the £210 in standing orders was £100 from PM and £75 from JT and, finally, TT came up with his usual two separate PayPal donations - one for £10, the other for £5. So we ended the month with £1,508 - that’s £242 short of what we needed.

Let’s hope that we can make up that shortfall - and more! - in the final fighting fund of the year. And I have to say we’ve got off to a good start, thanks mainly to a nice, healthy batch of standing orders. Among them were four separate £30 contributions - from EW, ST, TB and SW - not to mention a £40 donation from MS. And thanks too to TM for his £12 - a new standing order in his case. The fiver from NW via PayPal completes the tally - £281 raised in two days!

But I have to remind readers that this figure is distorted by the fact that those first two days of the month are the most intensive, when it comes to standing orders. How about a few more of you joining in, but choosing the middle or end of the month instead?!

And, of course, if you fancy making a one-off donation, there’s always the PayPal facility on our website or - better still (we don’t pay any commission) - a bank transfer from your online account to sort code 30-99-64 account number 00744310. We had 3,523 online readers last week, so it’s a pity that so few of them did neither of the above.

But now let’s see a storming finish to 2015. Help us smash through £2,000 to make up for November’s disappointment.