Printing soon!

Robbie Rix reports on the Weekly Worker fighting fund

I’m sure readers will be pleased to hear that we are making plans to resume printing the Weekly Worker in the very near future. If everything goes well, we aim to start once again in just a couple of weeks. Now there’s some good news for you - especially if you’re a subscriber who’s longing to get the paper in your hands once again!

But it’s not the only good news. Would you believe that we reached that £2,000 target for our August fighting fund - despite there being no Weekly Worker for the past couple of weeks because of our usual summer break? So, despite the lack of nagging from me, our readers still did the necessary and, incredibly, we reached that 2K milestone with just £8 to spare!

Pride of place amongst all the fantastic donations goes to two comrades who stepped in with bank transfers - SK, who came up with a tremendous £349, and JC, who gave us £100. On top of that, there were 11 standing orders totalling £815 - thanks go to TR, MM, KB, GB, PM, SK, DG, SS, GT, AR and JT.

Then there were the four comrades who used PayPal to show their appreciation: LC and FB (£50 each), PM (£25) and AR (£5). There were no cheques or person-to-person cash donations to report - hardly surprising in the current circumstances - but we still received no less than £1,389 in under three weeks. Brilliant!

And we have got off to our usual good start to the month in September, with 16 standing orders coming our way, ranging from £5 to £40. Thank you, comrades VP, DI, AN, MS, MM, BG, RL, MT, EW, ST, PBS, TM, TG, YM, DC and JL. A couple of those were expected at the end of August, but, with the last three days of the month being a weekend and a bank holiday, we didn’t receive them till September 1. But not to worry - we still made that target.

And now your reward is due, in the shape of that longed-for print version! I hope to confirm next week that it’s going to happen, so watch this space!

Robbie Rix